Hi, I'm Zoë...

I’m a 23-year-old graduate that’s struggled with an array of mental health issues for 8 years, including eating disorders. Joining the recovery community and being an advocate for the body positive movement has helped me immensely in my recovery journey, and in sharing my story  – the ups and downs of recovery – on a social media platform, I now aim to be the help that I so desperately needed when I was in the depths of my illness.

My Latest Posts

Graduation and Wavelengths

Earlier this month, I found out that I was graduating University with a 2:1. Not only that, but that I managed to achieve a first in my dissertation – something

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Default Settings

Sometimes, the world just seems impossible to exist in. Sometimes, 8 years of having to battle with your own mind just seems too much. Sometimes, trying to lead the life

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Therapy for Ostriches

Plodding through life whilst sticking your head in the sand is something so many of us do, because quite frankly it’s the easiest option. However, it can only get you

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