Hi, I'm Zoe...

I’m a 22-year-old student that’s struggled with an array of mental health issues for 7 years, including eating disorders. Joining the recovery community and being an advocate for the body positive movement has helped me immensely in my recovery journey, and in sharing my story  – the ups and downs of recovery – on a social media platform, I now aim to be the help that I so desperately needed when I was in the depths of my illness.

My Latest Posts

Relationships & Boundaries

Throughout my whole life, I’ve had relationships with various men that have been, in simple terms: horrific. This won’t be a complete sob story of how I’ve struggled with men

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The Face of Mental Illnesses

Trigger warning: this article contains language related to self-harm, eating disorders and suicide that may be triggering to some individuals.   Emaciated, white female, with blonde hair stood in front

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What Is Body Positivity?

Media has caught onto the body positive community, but the issue with that is what they are using the term as a synonym for self-love. They’re using the term body

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